EMP Shield Device – Here’s a Proven Way To Shield Against EMP Attacks

Discover A Proven Method To Shield Your Home Against EMP Attacks Without Breaking The Bank

EMP attacks are pulses of high-powered electromagnetic radiation that melt adjacent conductors, bringing down just about any electrical system and device. Despite their sci-fi-like portrayal by movies and fiction novels, EMP weapons are real and can knock out a power grid, destroying any devices connected to it. Most EPM attacks originate from bombs, solar flares, and nuclear explosions.

EMP Attack Survival

EPMs have already occurred in the past. A solar flare in 1859 resulted in a massive geomagnetic storm although there was no huge power grid at the time. However, a network of telegraphs became inoperable as a result, and many telegraph operators experienced physical shocks from the lines.

The most recent EMP attack was in early 1960 when the US detonated a hydrogen bomb that disrupted anything electrical 900 miles away. Science warns that a recurrence is certain – it’s not if, it’s when.

What would you do to protect your electronics if an EMP attack happened today? Read on this guide for more.

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How to shield against EMP

One comforting fact about EMP attacks is that they cannot directly harm you, your pets or plants. In fact, the biggest damage that comes with the attack is on anything electric/electronic. When looking for a way to shield yourself against EMPs, focus should be on how to safeguard your devices. Also, if you rely on these tools for survival (for example refrigerator, car, lighting etc.), then you need to find alternative ways to survive.

Here we take a look at simple tips you can implement now to prepare yourself for the imminent EMP attacks.

Think analogue

Without electricity, the digital world has no meaning. You’ll miss some convenient appliances like a toaster oven or a microwave. A few non-electric devices you might want acquire today a solar-powered AM/FM weather radio, crank coffee grinder, hand-crank flashlight, solar oven, and a mercury-free analog thermometer. You could also get an analog clock and a manual-style can opener for all the canned goods in the basement.

Have alternative fuels

When preparing for an EMP, consider other fuel alternatives such as a generator, as it can help for a while. This could come in handy if you live in a rural area that gets extremely cold during winter. Alternatively, a solar-powered generator could work but ensure you have its components protected in a Faraday Cage.

Gather hand tools

Having a few hand tools in your toolbox might come in handy when reinforcing your home in case of an EMP attack. A hammer and hand saw are great tools to have as well as hole drilling and driving screws. You can also have nails, screws, glue, and tapes.

A Faraday’s Cage

A Faraday’s cage is a useful enclosure to shield small electronics from electromagnetic pulses. This small box is lined with several high-grade foil layers to prevent the overcharge from reaching your electronics. You could also use a microwave or metal garbage as a Faraday’s cage. Some things to put in this cage are walkie-talkies, small medical devices, e.g., glucose meter, shortwave radios, and generator spare parts.

EMP Shield Device

EPM Shield Device is the first technology of its kind that protects your entire home from electrical surges, lightning strikes, and EMP attacks. It’s the only whole-home and vehicle EMP protection that exists. The device is a brainchild of Tim Carty and his team that works by draining voltage from devices and equipment so fast that no damage occurs.

Review of EMP Shield Device


EMP shield is designed to protect your entire home from lightning, power surges, solar flare, and electromagnetic pulse. Built to exceed military standards, the device is the world’s fastest whole home surge protector that’s tested to defend against the E1, E2, and E3 phases of an EMP. Technologies used to develop this revolutionary device have been tested at Keystone Compliance as per military standards.

EPM shield has been designed with lightning defense technology that has been proven to withstand real lightning strikes in over 30 homes across the US. Besides, it costs less than most home insurance deductibles, so you can go ahead and safeguard your apartment or house from a destructive light strike and a solar flare.

The device is 100% American-made in Kansas and listed by the Homeland Security department in their latest EMP resilience report. EMP Shield has surpassed the following Military EMP standards;

  • The requirement for the control of electromagnetic interference – MIL-STD – 416G
  • High Altitude EMP protection – MIL-STD -188 – 125 – 1
  • Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Requirements for Systems – MIL-STD – 464C

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How does EMP shield work?

As we already mentioned, EMP shield guarantees to protect all the electronics and equipment connected to the electrical system. This is done by shorting the voltage surges collected within your home. Whether the overvoltage is coming from your electrical system or the electricity grid, the shield will manage the surge and protect your home electrical system.

What makes this device outstanding is the working mechanism that drains away voltage from the equipment before it can rise to damaging levels. The technology used reacts in less than 1 billionth of a second, which is enough to protect over 100,000 amps. The new technology referred to as SightSpeedTM will keep all your electronics protected.

  • EMP Shield cost
    EMP shield costs depend on the unit being protected. There are various EMP shields as follows:
  • Home protection
    This depends on the breaker box design in your home. A shield for a breaker box that extends from the wall costs $389 while a breaker box in flush with the wall goes for $399.
  • Vehicle protection
    This suite includes tools for protecting you against EMP, solar flares, and lightning and goes for $389.
  • Radio protection
    This is EMP protection up to 200 watts and will set you back $299.
  • Solar protection
    There’s a variety of solar models to choose from depending on the optimal input voltage range of the device being protected. Pricing ranges from $299 to $399.
  • Generator protection
    Home generator shielding and lightning protection goes for $389.
  • 3 phase protection
    There a variety of EMP shield 3 phase models to choose from ranging from $429 – $449.
  • RV protection
    For RVs, travel campers, renters, and camping, the EMP Shield Device goes for $389.
  • Motorcycle protection
    If you’d like to protect your valued motorcycle against EMP, this device goes for $389.


Protecting your electronic gear from EMP doesn’t have to be that hard or expensive. It’s a pity that most of the available power surge protectors may not provide adequate EMP protection. With the EMP shield protection, your entire home is safe from coronal mass ejection, power surges, lightning, and electromagnetic pulse.

Besides, it’s super easy to install depending on the unit you need to protect. It’s also more affordable than the nearest surge protectors costing about $350. The device from Tim Carty is definitively worth it.

So why wait until the disaster strikes to start wallowing in regrets? Grab your device now and sleep at peace tonight knowing your home is protected!

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