6 Best Free Tools To Help You Survive an EMP Attack

Update on Thursday, July 25th 2024 by Jason M. Pascua

Discover the following six useful products that will help increase your chances of surviving an EMP attack. All are free but you will need to get them fast while stocks last!

EMP attacks continue to pose one of the biggest threats to humankind, and it’s only safe to stay prepared should danger strike unexpected. We went out of our way to identify useful products that can save your life and those of your loved ones during those difficult times. 

The best part? The six products we share with you below are all free – you will only take care of a small shipping fee and they are all yours!

Whether you want a waterproof fire starter, a flashlight or a survival knife, the following list has you covered! We also have a little, precious bonus for you, so be sure to read till the end.

Excited? Let’s dive straight in!

Free Everstryke Waterproof Firestarter

Nothing is more frustrating than having no lighter or wet matches while out in the woods camping. Luckily for you, the Everstryke Waterproof Match has you covered.

This beautifully crafted small gadget is waterproof, lightweight, easy to use, and efficient. It easily fits on your key chain or pocket and is always ready to start a camp fire or light your cigarette whenever you want.

This gadget is your ultimate survival tool during any life-or-death situation like an EMP attack. It will ensure that you can start a fire, just by striking a match. What’s more, the tool has been designed in O-Ring to prevent you from burning your fingertips and the fuel from evaporating indefinitely.

Free Survival ‘Business Card’ 11-in-1 Tool

Free Survival ‘Business Card’ 11-in-1 Tool Free Survival ‘Business Card’ 11-in-1 Tool

Having a multi-purpose tool that is light, small, durable and compact is the ultimate goal for every prepper. How about one that comes in the shape of a business card? Sounds too good to be true, right?

The Survival ‘Business Card’ is an EDC Multi-tool that fits easily in your wallet. It comes packed with 11 different kinds of functionalities that are essential in everyday situations, making it the perfect suite for emergency use.

Some of its top features include a sharp knife edge, an effortless can opener, saw blade, lanyard/keychain hole, wingnut wrench, bottle cap opener, ruler for easy and quick measuring, 4 position wrench, flathead/slotted screwdriver, direction ancillary indicator, and a 2-position wrench.

Free Waterproof Flashlight

With a beam that is visible over a 5 nautical mile radius, the 1000 Lumens Tactical LED flashlight can provide you with enough light to signal for help or blind an attacker quite effortlessly.

Considered by many to be the brightest compact flashlight ever made by mankind, this amazing gadget is completely waterproof and extremely durable. It’s therefore a little wonder that it’s the U.S military’s go-to flashlight for their operations.

Free 6-in-1 Rescue Survival Knife

If you enjoy fishing, camping or hunting, the 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Knife is the one tool you can’t afford to leave out of your toolbox. It is modified and designed to help you feel more secure and survive any scenario.

The survival knife is a modern cutting instrument that is strong, sharp and durable. Its folding nature makes it pocket size which means that it can easily fit in your pocket and the palm of your hand. 

Some of the features contained in the knife include a LED light, glass breaker, liner lock, bottle opener, serrated blade, fire starter and seat-belt cutter. Therefore, in the event of an emergency that requires survival such as getting stuck in your car, this tool has all essential elements to help you survive the situation.

Free Military-Grade Tactical Belt Knife


This amazing invaluable tool allows you to rest easy knowing that your possessions are safely secured while travelling. The tactical knife belt is extra strong, lightweight and reliable with many functions especially during outdoor activities.

Free Pocket-Sized Survival Wire Saw

Another practical and important addition to your emergency EMP survival camping kit is the Survival Wire Saw. It is a flexible, light, extremely durable and pocket-sized tool that can fit into hard-to-reach places and has numerous uses when you’re undertaking outdoor activities such as camping.

The Survival Saw is made of powerful stainless steel and is specially crafted to cut through rubber, bone, plastic, wood and soft metal. 

A thin wire mesh cutting blade is fixed on two swivel links with pull ring handles that comfortably fit on your fingers and give you a firm hold. To efficiently cut through any material, gently move the blade from left to right continuously.

Special Bonus: Free Crisis Survival Guidebook

Just as the name suggests, this is an action-packed eBook you can access right away to discover little-known secrets of surviving life-threatening crises and situations such as EMP attacks. It can literally save your life and your loved ones.

Please Note:

These free products won’t last forever. In fact, some are in very limited supply so act fast before stock runs out. Stay safe and protect yourself and your loved ones in the event an EMP attack strikes.

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