The Darkest Days Review

Darkest Days

by Alex Deacon and Charles Green


Depth of Content 93%
Reputation of Author 93%
Price 95%
Money Back Guarantee 100%

In a spellbinding fashion only showcased by a novelist, the Darkest Days book starts dramatically. And like any suspense novel, it’s as enthralling as it comes, snapping all manner of attention from the reader.

If you ever needed affirmation that many Biblical predictions are beginning to happen, then this book is the ultimate choice. It shakes you to the core and makes you realize that the prophecies are already with us. 

What is the Darkest Days PDF? 

Haven’t we heard of all the warnings on imminent EMP attack or similar catastrophes, but we’ve gone ahead to ignore? For many of us, such things will never happen and the stories about their possibility are just but mere fabrications. 

Nonetheless, we still need to be dragged from our comfort zones and be made to understand that the many expert warnings aren’t just a child play. The calamities are happening and the earlier we pay attention, the better. 

Fortunately for us, amid our open defiance, a book by the name Darkest Days has been released. This book kicks you in the butt and gets you thinking of the possible solutions and way out of the looming calamities. 

So, here is the thing.

Darkest Days is an incredible storyline by Charles Green and Alec Deacon to help you be more prepared when little-known attacks strike. As highlighted in the book, the attacks could range from natural or human-made. And one such attack that has been serially mentioned here is the EMP attack. 

The effects of an EMP would be so adverse that we wouldn’t want to imagine the probability of it happening. 

However, what options do we have in case it happens?

Well, the Darkest Days outline the possible ways out of such a pandemic. Also referred to as “How to Survive an EMP Attack to the Grid”, this PDF guide provides you with deep insights on how to overcome the adverse effects of the EMP attack. 

What more:

You eventually learn how to protect your home, keep your electronic gadgets safe, and store your food. When everyone else is gone, the techniques on how to keep your tools in the Faradays cage becomes handy. 

Should you buy the Darkest Days PDF?

We highly recommend it – at least if you care about your life and your loved ones.

The world we know would grind to a halt if an EMP attack were to rear its ugly face. This book takes you through the simple techniques of making powerful shields that can prevent EMP signals from messing with your electronic appliance. 

But more importantly, it teaches you how to use your everyday household items to make protection cages for your devices. Further, you also get to learn how to protect your family from any enemy who might want to take advantage of your vulnerability. 

What’s in the package?

In addition to the main book that offers lifesaving lessons, the co-authors of the Darkest Days throw in two free bonus guides as follows:

How to Make Your Pharmacy

Just as the name implies, this guide shows you simple ways to store the medicine at home for emergency cases.

Off-Grid Home Protection System

This bonus shows you how to keep away thieves and criminals from intruding into your home.

Pros and cons of Darkest Days


  • The book is available in both hard and soft copies.
  • Quite easy to read and understand
  • It provides survival tips that can be used for any eventuality, not just EMP attacks
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • You won’t find it at your local bookstore
  • Requires some focus to understand it 


The Darkest Days PDF book has a storyline that’s both captivating as it is disturbing. If it doesn’t kick out the complacency in you to start preparing for the impending disaster, I doubt anything else will. Grab your copy now and find out how you can save your life!

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