What is an EMP Attack and Can You Survive One

Update on Thursday, July 25th 2024 by Jason M. Pascua

EMP attacks remain one of the main threats to the world in the 21st century. This is because almost every hospital, homestead, supermarket, communication channel, banking systems, and other corporate settings connect to an electrical grid. If a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear attack was to strike today, it would hurt our environment, wellbeing, family, and assets.

EMP attack survival

Since the occurrence of an EMP attack gives little to no room for survival reaction, the aftermath may be uncontrollable without adequate preparation. Luckily for you, we compiled this article to show you practical EMP attack survival techniques you can apply now.

Inside, you will find everything you should know about an EMP attack before planning to survive it. Some of the key topics we cover include;

  • Defining an EMP attack
  • How to plan and plan for a potential attack
  • Ways to increase your survival chances

EMP Attack Survival

Short for electromagnetic pulse, EMP is an intense burst of electromagnetic energy due to a sudden and quick acceleration of charged particles. The resulting energy destroys any electronic devices it comes across. The effect may spread to damaged buildings, power lines and even motor vehicles. There are three major causes of EMP namely:
  • Nuclear explosions
  • Solar storms
  • Lightning bolts
Nuclear warheads occur at high altitudes. The result of High-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) could arise in soaring heights. For example, the US tested a nuclear bomb 402.3 kilometers above the Pacific Ocean. The effects of the electrical disturbance effect occurred 1448.4 kilometers away in Hawaii. But that’s not all! It significantly damaged telephone lines, streetlights and Soviet Satellites. As you can realize from the above example, an EMP attack’s effects may be unmanageably destructive. Worse yet, now that there are electrical connections in above 90 percent of inhabited areas, the consequences would be incredible to our lifestyles unlike in the 20th century.

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History of EMP Attacks – Have There Been Cases Before?

You bet there have! The first ever case of an EMP attack was recorded in 1859. It occurred in the form of a solar storm and is now known as the Carrington Event.

It was a scary experience that involved emission of flares and sunspots followed by what is described as a geomagnetic storm. The effect? The telegraph system in both the US and parts of Europe threw sparks and consequently went down.

history of emp attack

Since then, there have been a few modest cases and scares including a mild storm that affected parts of Canada in 1989. At the time, it jammed weather satellites and radio signals leading to many believing a nuclear attack was impending.

A debate on the possible threat posed by EMP to the modern society has been raging for a while. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t seem serious enough to protect its citizens against what many scientists now say is a real threat to humanity. In fact, most experts agree that an EMP attack is far more lethal than a nuclear bomb which begs the question, how ready are you should it strike today?

EMP Attack Survival
– How to Prepare for an Attack

Before we can show you how to survive these attacks, it’s important to mention that an EMP cannot directly harm you, your pets or even plants. Additionally, it’s been proven that older vehicles with more metallic bodies and less electrical wiring are less prone to the pulses released during a strike.

As such, most of the methods we share here help to protect your lifestyle from getting disrupted. This is because an attack could affect your electronics, make it harder for you to move around, or even expose you to burglars.

With that in mind, you can prepare for pre-EMP and post-EMP attacks by observing the following recommendations.

How to Prepare for an Attack

It would be best if you prioritized caring for yourself, your relatives, and neighbors before and immediately after an EMP attack. This entails fixing loose structures and training on first aid measures.

Install solid core, double-lock, steel doors. Upgrade your home’s security system with rechargeable backup batteries and firearms.

Where possible, boost your firearms to enable you to control your family’s security during an electromagnetic pulse attack. Use fire-resistant roofing materials to prevent or lower your home’s burning down.

Besides, it would be best to prepare for an EMP attack by learning some first aid techniques. You should have a complete first aid kit with suture kits, needles, aspirin, ointments, and over-the-counter medications.

It is also essential to have a book for reference during first aid. The most typical threats during an emergency are shock, excessive blood loss, and obstructed airways.

You can acquire first aid skills from Red Cross and local YMCA training. Most of the training pieces let you identify and treat the most familiar threats during an emergency.

A good place to start is to plan for basic survival needs such as food, shelter, water, and light. Where possible, aim to get these significant resources without relying on a generator, power grid, or fossil fuel. Regardless of your income level, it would help if you started growing, preparing, or storing as little food as you can in readiness for an EMP attack.

Having farming skills is crucial to surviving after an EMP attack instead of employing others to grow the crops on your behalf. The more exciting part is that you can begin developing your farming knowledge before an EMP attack.

Plan for the basics

All you need is a small garden. Grow some vegetables and fruits, sharpening your farming prowess while depending on other survival sources in the meantime. In case of an electromagnetic pulse attack, you will be self-reliant as far as basic survival is concerned.

You should see a way of planning for at least one gallon of water per person daily if the EMP attack occurs.

However, it’s hectic to predict how long an EMP attack effect will last before the economy resumes normal operations. So, you may not determine the exact amount of water to keep. The solution is to keep water purification tablets, 2 percent iodine tincture, bleach, and a water filter.

If an EMP attack destroys water pumping channels, you can harvest rainwater, melting snow, and then treat and store it. You can find water in rivers, springs, and wells if you live in a rural area.

Given that most gadgets use electric power that is affected by an electromagnet pulse attack, you may lose your electronics’ value. This explains why it’s important to find ways to protect these devices from lightning strikes. Get surge protectors for the main electronics.

The most typical surge protectors cost $30, are UL listed and comply with UL1449 3rd edition, 330V clamping voltage and possess a quick response rate.

You can add a protection layer of UPS—uninterruptible power supply – behind the surge protector. Most reliable UPS cost between $120 and $1000. $120 is for basic UPS, while most improved models cost $1000 and above.EMP-attack-survival-protection-cage

Apart from electronics, you may need to protect your building from an electromagnetic pulse attack. One solution is to use Faraday Cages.

These shielded enclosures protect electronic devices or an entire house from electrostatic discharges or certain kinds of disruptive electromagnetic radiation. This ensures static electric fields remain on the cage’s external surface.

You can make the cage at home with aluminum foil and a plank of wood or cardboard. All you do is direct power and expose the shielded area to regular voltage. The cage’s size depends on the number of devices you plan to protect from an EMP attack.

When arranging the electronics inside the enclosure, they should not touch the can’s metal. If you have more space, you can add a towel cover to prevent the devices from moving and breaking.

Faraday Cages

An EMP attack causes damage to electronics making it impossible to access most of your necessary certificates if they’re in digital formats. Since the attack occurs without warning, you should keep duplicates of the certificates.

Examples of necessary certificates to store their copies are the titles of your house and vehicle, financial and possession records, authoritative archives, marriage authentication, and family photographs.

You should cover your building’s roof, floors, walls with a fortified, grounded conductive layer combined with conductive paint, metal material, or other conductive materials. Where possible, the conductor should cover light entry points such as windows and sun-powered panels.

It would help to disconnect the entire building from the telephone framework, the force grid while using only non-conductive water pipes. Use shielded spinning entryways to give room for passage. It should be possible to open the entryways at once.

It is also vital to protect the building by adding radio wires with ensured circuits using a nanosecond clipping times surge cover-up. This ensures you maintain better interchanges from the inside of the building.

Get EMP Attack Survival Guides

EMP Attack Survival

Nothing prepares you better for an EMP attack than reading detailed guides written by known experts on the topic. There are tens of these trainings on the market today but the best ones we found were:


We personally reviewed each of these emp survival guides and found them to be incredibly helpful for anyone looking to protect themselves against this impending danger.

Alive After The Fall survival kit is particularly very detailed and shows you exactly what to do within minutes of disaster striking to save your home and loved ones. The section we found most helpful was tactics to survive without power. The options you get here are enough to help you run your home for months as if nothing ever happened to the grid.

Alexander also goes on to give you a couple of additional bonus guides namely ‘The Survival Mindset’ and ‘Secrets to Sanitization After The Fall’.



With more and more people now connected to the national electrical grid connection and use of sophisticated electronics increasing, there has never been a more opportune time for an EMP attack to strike. The least you can do to increase your chances of survival is by preparing adequately.

A good place to start is by planning for your basic needs, shielding your electronics and buildings, acquiring first aid skills, and keeping physical copies of your important documents. Most importantly, learn from the best by purchasing proven survival kits such as The Alive After The Fall Book, Darkest Days and EMP Protocol by Dan Sullivan.

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