Top 3 EMP Survival Guide PDFs – Protect Yourself Against EMPs in 2021

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Update on Tuesday, May 21st 2024 by Jason M. Pascua
EMP attacks are things a lot of people believe to be fake or conspiracy theories. But what many do not know is that they’re real and can be caused by natural causes or human-made like thermonuclear detonation. In fact, one of the EMP survival guide PDF we recommend later in this guide documents a few actual risks that have been recorded in history before. If it struck today, an electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack would have severe consequences on our electrical lines, including streetlights, computers, alarm systems, and more. Furthermore, the attack would expose millions of Americans to diseases, starvation, dehydration, murder, and suicide. EMP-Suvival-Guide-PDFs Most attacks originate from three major sources: nuclear explosions, solar flares, and EMP bombs. The truth is the power supply would not resume for years in the case of detonation of several high-energy EMPs over an unsuspecting area of impact. What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones from the effects of an EPM attack? Discover this and much more in this guide. Also, we have a few book recommendations for you so stick to the end.

Why you should be worried
about EMP attacks

The Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF) of the U.S. warns that the occurrence of an EMP could have dire consequences on an unsuspecting nation. The report goes ahead to point out that the U.S. government has failed to put the right mitigation measures to manage such a disaster, should it occur.

The concern over an EMP attack traces back to the Cold War II, where the U.S. government worried that the Soviet Union could bring down military communications and national command authority through a high-altitude nuclear attack. In the early 1960s, the U.S. detonated a hydrogen bomb that went on to disrupt 90 miles of electric lines. China has recently threatened to use an electromagnetic pulse attack on the U.S.

Though the U.S. military maintains that it has taken steps to guard the national command authority and carry out critical operations even after an attack, the government does not have a proper electric grid and other crucial infrastructure needed to mitigate an EMP attack.


A successful EMP attack on the U.S. could result in a blackout of the national electric grid and the critical infrastructure connected to the grid, including transportation, communications, food, water supply, and sanitation.

The worst that could happen is the meltdown of nuclear reactors in the affected area, leading to a situation similar to Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. Without off-site electricity and on-site electricity, there’s a risk of radioactive contamination to the U.S., further compounding the damage of an EMP attack.

How to protect yourself from an EMP attack

If an EMP attack hits and now ceases from being fiction to reality, here are some things that could save you.

What if there was no electricity to operate your devices? If you had manual-operated ones, you’d not have to deal with potential electricity outages and EPM damage attack. Some non-electric household devices to have in place include;

  • Solar Oven – with sunshine, you can still cook and boil water
  • Manual can opener – most openers fit on a key chain
  • Crank coffee grinder – caffeine addicts could benefit from this one.
  • Wind-up flashlight – to light up the way
  • Well sleeve – to draw water from wells

Your debit and credit cards may not help you much if power is out. This is where you need to practice the ancient economic art of bartering. It’s wise to keep foods with a long shelf life and weapons to protect yourself.

You can hoard items like bullets, gasoline, and beans, but vices like cigarettes, caffeine, playing cards, and various forms of entertainment could be extremely valuable to the dependent and bored.

Keeping some backup tools in your toolbox might come in handy when repairing and reinforcing your home in case of an EMP attack. Hand saws and a hammer are the obvious choices, but you could also throw in some less obvious ones like block sanders, plane, and bit for hole drilling and driving screws. Have a variety of nails, glue, and screws too.

You need to protect your electronics if an EMP strikes.

But how?

One of the best options to do this is to employ electrical shielding using Michael Faraday’s cage technique. Have any conducive container made from any metal impervious to electrical magnetic fields to protect the most important electronics from charge damage. Likely items you want to shield include walkie-talkies, shortwave radios, car and generator spare parts, and even crucial medical equipment like a glucose meter. A Faraday’s cage distributes that charge around the cage so that the charge remains on the cage’s external surface.

Build Faraday Cage

You can buy a Faraday cage or DIY one for your home. Fortunately, the container you use does not have to be an actual cage. It could be anything simple using heavy-duty aluminum foils or something more complex like microwave ovens because they are meant to prevent radiation when cooking the food. At the very simplest, a metal enclosure can work as a Faraday’s cage with a few modifications.

Follow these steps to create a Faraday Cage:

  • Determine the size of the box you need by gathering up everything you want to shield.
  • Choose a sizeable container/box that closes as securely as possible.
  • Wrap the container securely in aluminum foil and ensure the lids are encased.
  • Tape the seams firmly using aluminum or copper tape. A regular tape will still do the trick.
  • Line the inside with cardboard so that electronics don’t come into contact with the foil or tape.
  • Pack your items inside and seal them firmly.

Are there EMP Survival Guide PDFs I can learn more about this?

Absolutely! A few experts have written at length everything there’s to know about EMPs and how one can effectively protect against themselves. We reviewed tens of these books taking into consideration factors such as depth of content, author reputation and practical tips provided in each book. In the end, three EMP survival guide PDFs scored extremely well during our assessment and we’re happy to share them with you.

Top 3 best EMP survival guide PDFs of 2021

The following survival guide books are the best you can find on the market if you’re looking to learn how you can escape an EMP attack unscathed. Two of them are running sales at the time of writing this so be sure to act fast to take advantage of the limited deals.

Alive After The Fall

by Alexander Cain


Depth of Content 98%
Reputation of Author 96%
Price 99%
Money Back Guarantee 100%

EMP Protocol

by Dan Sullivan
Depth of Content 95%
Reputation of Author 98%
Price 94%
Money Back Guarantee 100%

Darkest Days

Alex Deacon & Charles Green
Depth of Content 93%
Reputation of Author 93%
Price 95%
Money Back Guarantee 100%


Based on multiple factors and analysis, we found The Alive After The Fall to be the best EMP survival guide PDF to buy in 2021. The author goes into great depth to unearth little-known details that the government doesn’t want you to know about EMP attacks. But what we like even more about this book is that it’s priced very affordably. You can also ask for a full refund if you think it didn’t change your life (which is highly unlikely).

The EMP Protocol and Darkest Days follow closely so feel free to check them out as well.

Stay prepared for when an EMP attack will strike. All signs show that’s imminent. Grab your survival guidebook today to save your and your loved ones lives.

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